Association Day a celebration of the wonderful Representative Program at Basketball Illawarra was held on Sunday 4th March. The day was amazing with all who attended having a sense of energy, enthusiasm and pride. We saw all of our volunteer Coaches and Managers standing alongside their players nurturing their ambitions to win as many games as possible in the stadium. To commemorate the year photos as snapshots in time were taken as a memento of the day. Our Referees were there who also have pride of place as without them we could not send our Teams into competition. All of this would not be possible without the efforts of those who put in the time to put it all together. A special thank you for the following people, for organising the day we have Craig to thank, for the photos we have Branka and her Sister, Teodora and Anita for making sure that people could order photo’s, Sandra and the Canteen Staff for the food, Gary and Tim for doing their part, Richard for all the printing, Rosie who always steps up where ever needed and to the Board of Directors who showed up in support of the great association we are. Lastly to all our parents and supporters who without them the juniors and seniors would not have spectators in cheering them on. Working together we as an association showed our numbers in force and hope to continue the energy and enthusiasm and for any other volunteers that were not mentioned none of what we do is possible so thank you.
Let the season begin!