The 2017 Hawks Skills Academy aims to offer players a chance to up skill their talents and improve to become an overall better player.

Program Focus

  • Offensive fundamentals
  • Defensive fundamentals
  • Footwork
  • Principles of Offensive Game Play

Group Numbers & Coaches

The aim for 2017 Hawks Skills Academy is to have 20 players in each tier group formatted in the structure as stated below. Jaydon Beveridge the IBA Development Officer will be the Head Coach of the Academy, along with Hawks Junior Coaches & Players as on-court coaches.

Program Tiers & Structure

  • Tier 1 – U12 Domestic comp & Rep players, 9 — 12 Years.
  • Tier 2 – U14, 16, 18 Rep Players. 12 Years and Older.

***Please note athletes may be moved up or down tiers to better fit their skill level and personal development***