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Junior Committee

The Junior Committee is for all local junior competitions

The Junior Committee is a group of volunteers consisting of:

  • Edith MacDonald (Chair)

  • Renelle Genner

  • Diane Hosking

  • Rod Young

  • Tom Farrar


    The committee is made up of members of Illawarra Basketball Association (IBA) some who have represented as players, coaches and others who are dedicated members bringing their children.


    They bring a variety of expertise to the committee.

    The purpose of the committee is essentially a voluntary advisory board created to assist the IBA staff primarily in organising all local junior competitions and vetting any issues that may arise as a panel to resolve them. The aim is to ensure that local junior competitions are balanced, structured and enjoyable for all involved.


    The Committee members as individuals do not make any decisions regarding the allocation of players to local junior teams. At the beginning of every competition, they spend many hours discussing proposed team lists with all appointed and available local junior coaches/managers.


    The Committee is then required to liaise with the IBA staff, who are responsible for the final approval of all junior team lists.


    To contribute to the committee and their contribution to Junior Competition at IBA there is a suggestion box at the beginning of the corridor between the courts next to the photos of the board members.


    We encourage our community to put in their ideas into the box and they will be discussed and dealt with.


    If you have a complaint you can always put in an anonymous note.


    The committee are here to ensure our juniors have a fun and enjoyable experience, where they make friends and compete.

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