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2022 Rep Season Recap & Team Awards

Under 12 Boys

At the beginning of the 2022 season, all Coaches approached the season with the goal of growing the U12 Boys age group.

U12 Boys Development approached the season with a fun and enthusiastic idea to have the most fun possible at the same time as building their fundamental understanding of skills and game play.

U12 Boys SJL 2 had an individual skill set development outlook to the season to improve as individuals leading into future years of Representative Basketball.

U12 Boys SJL 1 learnt fundamental, team orientated defence, before attacking the offence game of basketball which proved successful in their competitive season in the SJL Competition claiming a silver in the Grand Final.

Under 12 Girls

At the beginning of the 2022, all U12 Girls coaches decided to approach this season as pure development and growth of our game. Their season was purely about skill development, building confidence and basketball concepts rather than having a winning mentality.

This had a positive outcome in the age group as each team and individual player improved every game of every round and begun to think and play at a higher level as the season progressed. They celebrated their wins and learnt from their losses with a positive mindset.

As a result of the overall improvement from the age group, we have been able to split our U12 Girls Local Competition into two divisions to allow for further development and higher skilled games to take place.

Under 14 Boys

Lots of trialists but a total of 30 athletes in the U14 Boys Program proved to be a difficult task to do. As a result, we were able to construct 3 very competitive and well-rounded athletes.

U14 Boys Development – for a team of lots of new faces into the Rep Program they were inspiring to watch play and compete, which has helped them gain the confidence and ability to compete with the highest level.

U14 Boys SJL – a tough SJL League could have brought their spirits down, however they chose to keep working on what they could improve on as individuals to help stay competitive across the year.

U14 Boys JPL – little in size, but huge in effort and heart. This team was competitive all season, only losing to the top metro teams by less than 10 points. Qualifying for U14 Nationals was a huge milestone for this team!

Under 14 Girls

With lots of potential, talented and gifted athletes in this age group, it was an exciting group to watch develop and compete over the space of the year.

U14 Girls Development – improved and developed over each training as individuals and as a team. They competed every game they were and battled right to the very end.

U14 Girls SJL – despite a very tough SJL League, our girls continued to get better and push themselves to stay competitive throughout the entire season.

U14 Girls JPL – standouts in the new JPL format have come in leaps and bounds in their Basketball IQ and understanding of the game. Qualifying for U14 Nationals was a huge milestone for this team!

Under 16 Boys

With the largest trial registrations in our Rep22, our U16 Boys program sought to be a very high-level cohort with results flowing in all season.

U16 Boys Development – had a successful year on the floor with a very competitive season collecting a Gold Medal in their respective competition.

U16 Boys SJL – had a competitive season focused on individual skill development whilst enhancing Basketball IQ and concepts used in different team aspects and scenarios.

U16 Boys JPL – had an extremely competitive and successful season finishing first in the Country Pool but just missing out on a gold medal game at the State Championship.

Under 16 Girls

Across the Under 16 Girls Program, all 3 teams endured a difficult season on the floor and off the floor with sickness and injuries however they banded together to keep trying, improving and working hard.

Without the help of Grant, Wendy, Deb, Brittany and Kalo – the three teams would not have developed in the way that they have. All girls involved in the Rep Program have had a fantastic year with lots of smiles and laughter despite the results never going their way.

Under 18 Boys

With a large portion of the U18 Boys entering their final year of Junior Representative Basketball, the goal was simple – play hard, play together & have fun!

U18 Development came away from the Barrengarry season as undefeated champions with lots of smiles and laughter from the season.

U18 SJL had a season of mixed results but came away as Runners Up in claiming silver in the SJL Competition and a silver at John Martin Tournament

U18 JPL with 5 returning knowing the feeling of winning a State Championship in previous years has their eyes set on the prize, however falling short in the Semi-Final at the State Championship saw them finish 3rd overall in NSW.

Under 18 Girls

Our Under 18 Girls would have to be one of our closest-knit groups in the whole association! This has been put down to 1 thing. Their coaches – Troy & Amanda – who kept the team accountable all season but created the funniest environment possible.

The girls endured a very competitive season going up against some of the red-hot teams and competing with them for majority of games. They showed the league, they could compete at a high level and play with uttermost enjoyment every game.

Thank you to all our athletes, coaches, managers, and families for their contribution to the Rep22 Season.


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