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Hawks Development Program

10 - 17 year olds

The Hawks Development Program has been designed around teaching and going over the super six fundamentals:

1. Dribbling, 2. Passing, 3. Pivoting, 4. Shooting, 5. 1v1 Defence, 6. Decision Making in a 1-hour session in a team-based training environment.

Also, during the 10 weeks, we will start to add team-based concepts:

1. Basic Team Decision Making, 2. Basic Floor Spots and Spacing, 3. Basics of Man to Man Defence.



  • Illawarra Sports Stadium (Berkeley) - Weekdays

  • Snakepit Stadium - Saturday

  • Bulli High School - Monday

Term 2

  • Starting week of April 29th 2024


  • $120 per person per term

No Programs on the following dates due to Berkeley Stadium Availability:

  • Monday 6th May 2024

  • Wednesday 8th May 2024


Please attend the Saturday morning session on the same week to complete a make-up session.

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For more information, please email​​

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